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Brick pavers in Tampa Bay and Central Florida can easily be affected by the intense Florida sunlight. If you’ve noticed that your pavers are starting to appear weathered, discolored, sun-faded, or lackluster, consider opting for professional paver cleaning and sealing services. This process will naturally rejuvenate the surface color, establish a protective shield against the sun’s harmful impact, and safeguard against unsightly stains, dirt accumulation, mildew, and weed growth.

As most contemporary brick pavers are predominantly composed of concrete, which is a porous material, they exhibit a high susceptibility to various forms of staining and marking. Notably, substances like oil, grease, and rust are frequent culprits and pose significant challenges when attempting to remove them from unsealed pavers due to their rapid absorption. Furthermore, unsealed pavers tend to retain water for prolonged periods, creating an ideal environment for stains caused by oil, leaves, spills, and other agents. Even more concerning, unsealed pavers serve as a breeding ground for mold and mildew. In summary, here are the key reasons why sealing your pavers is essential.

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we use a commercial grade color enhancing water based sealer (Ure-Seal H20) to ensure our customers get the best sealer put on their pavers. It is not only the best sealer to use for your pavers it's the best sealer to use for Florida's humid climate 


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  • Price :1.10-1.50 sqft‎
  • Cleaning Hours :2-8 Hours
  • Number of Cleaners :2 Technicians
  • Contact :352-842-8771
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At Exodus Exterior Solutions our team excels in delivering meticulous attention to detail on every project. Being an owner-operated company, we offer firsthand owner involvement along with competitive pricing. Moreover, we stand out in Florida as one of the rare companies committed to applying up to three coats of top-notch Commercial Grade brick paver sealant as our standard practice, without dilution.